Warning about Scam Emails and Calls from HMRC and Deed of Assignment Companies

Beware of scam emails pretending to be from HMRC

Please be aware this time of year is rife for scam calls, emails and texts portraying to be from HMRC. In addition, numerous scams are also around offering COVID-19 Grants and Schemes. These can vary from advising you are due a tax refund, a COVID grant payment or a warrant is out for your arrest!!!

HMRC will only contact you in writing to advise of any underpayment and overpayments of tax, and if we are your Agents, we will also receive a copy of this letter. If you have a personal tax account you will receive texts and emails advising to check your gateway account, but these messages WILL NOT contain any links.

Companies known by HMRC as ‘Deed of Assignment Agents’ may also contact you or your business. You may have seen ads for these on Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These “companies” act on your behalf to claim any repayments from HMRC. The deed of assignment they request for you to sign legally gives them authority to receive the repayment on your behalf and then they deduct a hefty percentage as their “fee”. On occasion they will also require you to complete an agent authority form. This form will override any authority we have to deal with your tax affairs until a new form is completed with ourselves. This will not come to light until we need to contact HMRC to discuss your tax affairs. Please note, that if you are due a tax refund, it is part of our service to reclaim this for you – we do not take a percentage!

If you are due a repayment or owe any tax we will advise you as soon as your income details have been calculated and reclaim this on your behalf.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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