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As business owners we spend much of our time focussed on growing our client base and very often, we find that we get so caught up looking to the future, that we forget the basics that made our business successful in the first place.

It is important for business owners to have a “Business Basics” checklist against which to regularly review their business philosophy and practices, to ensure that the business remains successful and on track to achieving its goals.

If you aren’t yet reviewing your business on a regular basis, have a read through our Business Basics Checklist below.  This should give you a few tips on what you should be looking at regularly as well as help you identify possible problems before they affect your business or your clients.

Impala Accountancy Business Basics Checklist

1.   We know what our vision is for the business and we have clear and measurable goals to help us achieve this vision.
2.   Each team member aligns with our business vision and understands their role in contributing to the achievement of our business goals.
3.   We have a clearly defined marketing strategy and we measure the success of this strategy on an ongoing basis.
4.  We have clearly defined customer service standards in place and we regularly review our performance against these standards.
5.   We have documented our processes and we update these as our business evolves.
6.   Our financial records are kept up-to-date and we know where the business is financially at all times.
7.   We know what the risks are to our business, we have taken the necessary steps to mitigate these and we review these risks on a regular basis.
8.   We stay abreast of all regulatory matters affecting our business and we make changes to our business as-and-when necessary to ensure that we remain compliant.

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