All we want for Christmas

all we want for christmas

December is a busy time for the accounting fraternity and, while you are working hard at shopping for Christmas goodies, we are working hard at ensuring that our clients’ tax returns are in on time. 

This week, we thought we would share with you the top 10 things that we here at Impala Accountancy want for Christmas!

  1. To be able to leave the office on time every night during the lead up to Christmas – without the worry that there is still work left to do!
  2. All information required to complete clients’ tax returns to come in before Christmas, so the tax returns can be completed on time.
  3. To get more ‘perfect’ clients referred to us by existing clients – without having to ask our clients to do so.
  4. To be at the top of page one of Google when someone simply searches for an ‘accountant’.
  5. To be the tax adviser to Santa Claus and to explain to the rest of us that he doesn’t have to pay tax anywhere in the world because he’s not making any profit!
  6. To be allowed to run our practice our way, with no interference from anyone telling us what we must do differently next year.
  7. A magic wand that gathers all required documents and information needed for tax returns, ensures outstanding invoices are paid promptly and in full, and auto-filters and deletes spam messages from email accounts.
  8. Appreciation – a simple thank you for our hard work and maybe a referral or recommendation for the amazing service we offer.
  9. Prompt responses to our email requests for information or supporting documentation.
  10. Last, but definitely not least…no more top 10 lists like this one! 😉

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